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NHM Notifications & Rules
Regarding NVHCP MIS Portal Dated 08-08-2023
Regarding the Telemedicine Services through eSanjeevani 2.0 Portal Dated 16-06-2023
Regarding Medical Leave of Outsource Manpower Dated 27-12-2022
Guidelines Regarding One Month Advance Notice Dated 31-05-2022
Maternity Benefits- Outsource Employees Dated 11-05-2022
Regarding Three Level Authorities for ACR Dated 10-05-2022
Regarding No Incentive for Additional Charge Dated 06-05-2022
Loyalty Bonus Dated 05-05-2022
Regarding Contract Renew of Staff Nurse under NPCDCS Dated 05-05-2022
Regarding Lack of IFA in Warehouse Dated 04-05-2022
Minimum Wage Rate- Outsource Employees, Punjab Dated 28-04-2022
Regarding Filling up of 2021-22 Performance Report (ACR) of Contract Employees under NHM Dated 26-04-2022
Conditions of Surety Bond- BPCCH Course Dated 07-04-2022
Regarding the Arrival of Staff at the Head Office NHM Punjab Dated 05-04-2022
Regarding Multitask workers -Part time to Full time service Dated 29-03-2022
Punjabi Passed Dated 24-03-2022
Extension to COVID Staff till 30 June 22 Dated 24-03-2022
Area Incentive of Specialist Doctors Dated 21-03-2022
E-Nomination for EPF Account Dated 16-03-2022
Deployment of Medical Officers and Staff in the Districts Dated 15-03-2022
Office Order - Non Deployment at your Level Dated 15-03-2022
Midwifery Educators for National Midwifery Training Institute (NMTI) Dated 22-02-2022
Reg Quarantine Leave Dated 12-01-2022
Medical Leave for Outsource Employees Dated 07-01-2022
Enter Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate number on iHRMS Potal Dated 27-12-2021
Regarding Rejoining on Duty Dated 16-12-2021
Office Order - Deputation Dated 08-11-2021
Covid Leave Dated 29-06-2021
Age Relaxation Dated 21-06-2021
Age Limit Dated 18-06-2021
15% (9+6) Special Increment Dated 06-05-2021
MO & Specialist Age Limit in Service Dated 23-03-2021
Cancer and on Duty Accident Leave Dated 31-12-2020
12% COVID Increment Dated 08-05-2020
MO Salary Dated 14-02-2020
Specialist Salary Dated 31-05-2019
Incentive Medical Para Medical Dated 23-05-2019
Loyalty Bonus Dated 29-08-2018
Term & condition of Contractual Employment Under NHM Punjab Dated 30-07-2015
Rules of Contractual Emp Under NHM Punjab Dated 09-01-2012




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